Unique features for powerful miniature actuators

Conventional actuators are limited in size or performance. It is precisely through an increasingly important trend of miniaturization that technological boundaries are emerging.

memetis technology uses foils of shape memory alloy (SMA) to break these boundaries and to develop completely new miniature actuators.


High power density

Foil-based SMA miniature actuators from memetis work with high forces in a small space – even the smallest actuators achieve performance characteristics of conventional actuators, which have dimensions that are a factor of 2-5.


Low switching times

By means of extremely thin foils, SMA miniature actuators from memetis clearly demonstrate the advantages of a large surface-to-volume ratio and achieve very low switching times.


Customizable designs

The simple design of memetis SMA miniature actuators enables simple, very stable designs that can be adapted to specific market and customer requirements. Even complex structures, such as multi-dimensional actuators, belong to the performance spectrum of memetis.


Competitive manufacturing

The novel memetis process and selected materials allow the manufacturing of competitive SMA miniature actuators. memetis actuators operate reliably and efficiently and help to save costs.


Biocompatible & low fatigue

The materials used by memetis are biocompatible and thus suitable for use in medical technology or biotechnology. If requirements are particularly stringent, low fatigue materials with significantly increased operating times (>10 million switching cycles) can be used.


Silent operation

Shape memory alloys as used for memetis actuators enable silent operation. This allows its usage in application fields that are characterized by an increased noise sensitivity.