Wide range of applications due to high adaptability

Due to the particular characteristics of memetis’ SMA miniature actuators, e.g. high adaptability to market and customer specifications, memetis addresses a wide range of application fields. Common to all is a focus on powerful yet miniaturized solutions, which can be tailored to specific requirements.

SMA Miniature actuators from memetis are used in a variety of industries. In automotive, testing equipment manufacturing and aerospace as well as medical technology and bio analytics, the specific advantages of memetis SMA miniature actuators are highly valued.

At present, memetis focuses on microfluidics in the field of medical technology and bio analytics. The product portfolio comprises of microfluidic solutions, e.g. a variety of miniature valves for a wide range of applications that meet the highest standards of accuracy and precision.

The materials used by memetis are chosen for their performance and lifetime. These high-end materials always prove high temperature resoluteness and chemical resistance as well as biocompatibility.

Furthermore, the offer of memetis also includes specific services in SMA miniature actuation, from simulation and structuring of SMA miniature actuators as well as the appropriate packaging technology to actuator characterization.

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SMA miniature actuators in microfluidics, currently in particular valves (monostable and bistable).

Further SMA miniature actuators in microfluidics (e.g. liquid handling) as well as automotive and aerospace.


Services in the context of SMA miniature actuation along the value chain and with a strong focus on client specific requirements.

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